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Deira Gold Souk Archives -

The Gold Souk is in the Deira part of Dubai. A trip to the Gold Souk truly demonstrates why Dubai has earned itself the title City of Gold. It’s worth visit even if you have no intention of buying, just to soak in the atmosphere of shop windows glinting with 18, 21, 22 & 24 carat gold, showing-off the abundant riches of this part of the world. Gold is aggressively promoted with special offers & raffle draws during Dubai Shopping Festival & Dubai Summer Surprises. The sheer scale & varity of gold on offer is impressive – earrings, rings, neclaces, bracelets & pendants. many different shades of gold are available : white, pink, yellow and even purple gold. Gold prices here are among the lowest in the World and are largely determined by weight; also varying depending on whether it is machine-made or by a craftsman. [More]

The Gold Market or Gold Souk in Deira is a famous stop for tourists and residents who want to buy real gold at cheaper prices. There’s no tax when you buy gold here which means that you can get high-quality gold at affordable rates. More info here – http://dubaitravelblog.com/deira-gold-souk/

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A modern, luxury Dubai hotel, Hyatt Regency Dubai is located on the Deira Corniche, overlooking the Arabian Gulf at the mouth of Dubai Creek, and is within walking distance of the Gold Souk. Our Dubai Hotel is only two minutes from the commercial and shopping areas and just 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and the Dubai International Convention Centre.

gold souk in dubai

Dubai has one of the largest Gold Marketplaces. This is the famous Gold Souk. You have to see it to believe it. This video does not do it justice. But it is shop after shop in about a 1 mile square of just pure Gold……Amazing!

Sharpen your bargaining skills at Dubai’s famous Gold Souk.

Gold Souk, which is just jewellery stores

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The Gold Souk is Dubai’s most famous and visited souk were hundreds of retailers offering a huge selection of jewellery made from gold, silver, diamond and other precious metals & stones…

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Dubai Gold Souk (Arabic: دبي سوق الذهب‎) or Gold Souk, is a traditional market (or souk) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The souk is located in the heart of eastern Dubai’s commercial business district in Deira. The souk consists of over 300 retailers that trade almost exclusively in jewellery. Retailers in the souk include both well established stores like Damas, ARY Jewellery and Joy Allukas Jewellery as well as smaller stores that operate almost exclusively in the gold souk. The Dubai Gold Souk is situated in the locality of Al Dhagaya. By some estimates, approximately 10 tons of gold is present at any given time in the souk[1] It is bordered to the north by the Dubai Fish and Vegetable Market and the Deira Corniche. [More]

The Souks are easily one of my favorite parts of Dubai. While they can be overwhelming, they’re definitely a fun experience. I have to thank these guys for being such great sports and allowing us to film them. I would tell you to go to their shops, but none of the stores had names! So..if you’re there..look for them 😉

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Dubai Shopping – IBN Battuta Mall & Dubai Gold Souk

Parts of the Video:

0:01 IBN Battuta Shopping Mall
3:19 IBN Battuta Food Court
4:17 Chocolate Shop
4:29 Meena Bazaar Walk
6:14 Gold Jewellery Stores
6:56 Gold Souk Walk
9:37 Walk through Deira

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GOLD JEWELLERY, دبي, GOLD MARKET DUBAI, سوق الذهب, GOLD BANGLES, GOLD NECKLACE, GOLD JEWELLERY, GOLD RING, Gold Souk Dubai – Dubai is known for really cheap gold — but you’ll have to haggle for it. Whether or not you’re ready to buy, a stroll through the dazzling Gold Souk is a must. The stores also offer platinum, diamonds and occasionally silver, and the government keeps tight control over the quality of all the merchandise, so rest assured that your purchases will be genuine. (The same cannot be said, however, of the street vendors outside hawking “genuine fake” watches and “Guuci” handbags.) If something in the window catches your fancy, be sure to barter — persistent protest capped with a walkaway will get merchants to drop their asking price by as much as half. [More]

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