Dubai Shopping – IBN Battuta Mall & Dubai Gold Souk

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Dubai Shopping – IBN Battuta Mall & Dubai Gold Souk

Parts of the Video:

0:01 IBN Battuta Shopping Mall
3:19 IBN Battuta Food Court
4:17 Chocolate Shop
4:29 Meena Bazaar Walk
6:14 Gold Jewellery Stores
6:56 Gold Souk Walk
9:37 Walk through Deira

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Nassera Memmou says:

Salaam alaikum merci pour cette vidéo un plaisir à regarder bientôt le ramadan inch'Allah pour tous nos frères une sœurs

Let's Enjoy The Travel says:

Ibn Battuta Mall is one of the biggest and longest mall in Dubai UAE. A great place for shopping.

pjdsa says:

Whos that chick in the golden outfit?

Modacer Rathor says:

I am from Kashmir I wana visit in Dubai

Vision L says:

At 4:48 is that the bad parts of Dubai?

Shoib Qureshi says:

Awesome city…

osama elhawat says:

Ali baba City.

James W says:

Dubai sucks, its an over priced America mixed with Hong Kong / Baghdad wannabe.

Stan Kormy says:

Lots of westernized shops, including Starbucks!

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