Dubai – gold souk

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Gold Souk, which is just jewellery stores


Brandon Paul Hudson says:


Africamine gold says:

i have availalble bars in my village

psyquizlabor64 says:

what a Fucking Shit they made!

eddie simap says:

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asgloki says:

If this guy was a Saudi doing the same thing in America he would find himself inside Guantanamo quicker then he could say Jack Bauer

anthony865 says:

◕.◕ …….MY PRECIOUS!!

boppa1231 says:

@okpapereat bouillon 😀

irishkod says:

@selfmutilation100 it depends on the weight. but right now 1 gram of 18ct will get you about 31 euros im not sure about dollars but just covert the currency prices

jonnyblent says:

There has been much talk about 2012, the end of the world as we've known it and a new golden age. This 'golden' age speaks of a time when gold is symbolised as purity, truth and eternality, not as the material symbol of wealth, greed and affluence which it is today. In this age, gold is the only monetary standard. Makes sense… go anywhere in the world – it's worth the same. Try doing that with your country's fiat currency.

okpapereat says:

@llVIU of curse i can, i been doing some research, gold and silver protects wealth fiat currency failed many time in history one example i like to use is after germans defeat of WW1, the deutsch mark and the german economy was really bad fiat currency was worthless. The unemployment rate was high. Today the economy is not well you see the. You can see th crisis in Europe. The feds printing paper money like crazy devalue or dollar. Gold and silver is the insurance policy for thougheconomical time

llVIU says:

@okpapereat oh, that's a big surprise, you can actually comprehend all that?

okpapereat says:

@llVIU i dont think it really matters as long as you know gold and silver can be currency standard some day and that fiat money as worthless as toilet paper.

llVIU says:

@okpapereat you can't even spell "karat" right

Kdx200Owns says:

How are the two even relevant?

FDS-FX says:

sometimes I like to watch humans the way I watch ants… things seem so sure when they walk on that invisible line so orderly, until you smash one ant and smear it across the pathway then they all scamper in confusion without a clue what to do or where to go. People only know what they are told. who you know and what you know controls you. everyone is entitled to their opinion.. but never let your mind tell you your opinion is the correct one. There is always a BIGGER picture. ask questions.

Paulismyhero777 says:

@SEETHETRUTHb42LATE what dose that have to do eith anything? Im a Christian but that was really random.a little weird

okpapereat says:

i want 24karet gold bar

Rohit84up says:

I just dont understand why is sooooooooo important for idiots like you upload a video when you know you have a poorest quality and dont have any skills to record a decent video???????? SOB wasted my time.

Fabian Santillan PROmotora internacional says:

hello excuse the question but am interested in buying gold earrings wholesale and I would like to know how the name of that area are shops dubai.
Thanks for your information

deepak bansal says:

OMG, dekh kar dil kar raha hai sara khreed lu.

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