Aquaconda Water Slide at Atlantis the Palm

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Aquaconda water park slide at Atlantis the Palm Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Fifi Lawrenson says:

I love that ride

Dcxxattack4566 says:

I liked this ride

SoggySoap Games says:

Fk that girl ruining his vid

Maleiah Reed says:


Crybaby Dolan THE Llama queen says:


Silvotore styles97 says:

she made the video more interesting

Aidan Brogan says:

bro that girl is like a dolphin

Cerise Clark says:

I don't think I've ever heard something as annoying as that woman screaming

Narcired says:

That stupid girl trying to squeak like a kitten for the camera. Lol

Dalton Creel says:

is that a man in a bakini

Betzaida Miranda says:

My god! That girl screams like a dying pelican!

Xantteboy says:

i was at there

Isabelle D says:

that woman's voice is so annoying makes me want to rip my ears off

Nathan lee says:

What did the penicl sharpener say to the pencil

Stop going in circles And get to the point

Lily Tappin says:

I've been on it and it is not scary I have also been on zoomerango it is so fun

Yessenia Lara says:

That lady sounded like a dying goat

JuankiPro says:

That was so anticlimatic lol

Queen Yandere Chan says:

My anaconda don't


I went on it I am 10 btw it was so fun

Lilly Cameli says:

That looks soooooo fun!

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