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Leap of Faith water park slide at Atlantis the Palm Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Mazhar Khan says:

Did you hold the mobile on your hands or like what. Looks so scary.

Ringting 123 says:

I did this when I was 10 and it was soooo cool I Hav never ran up so many hot steps that quickly to do it again

Yoda123 says:

Usually when I go on a ride once I can go couple more times as my body gets used to it and that fear diminishes, I went on this once and it was enough! It was too fast and scary to do it again, I'm sure my stomach ended up in my mouth for a second ! It actually hurt

ShadowAssassin88 says:

Amazing Race sent me here.

jeffdadude87 says:

There was an Amazing Race task on this.

Alzeii says:

Ive been there last week and i was literally screaming :’D it was terrifying

Rockstar Girl Gamer YT says:

A week ago was my first time on the leap of faith and I'm going again tomorrow it's so fun

Joe O says:

Just went there its so sick bit scary

kyo says:

i did this just 10 minutes ago holy shit that scary

and sorry for the mistakes im french

Some random name says:

Is that a free fall water slide?

Its Bilalz says:

I live there in Dubai

TheBluntHunt says:

I went on it yesterday an for some reason my right lung was in a lot of pain right after I landed in the water. Fun ride though, check it out

PopularGamer says:

i love the part after 0:40

Melicia says:

A water park with 4 rides it not working

The Famous Gamer says:

I tried it once it's actually so scary and dangerous you might die if u don't follow instructions

Navraj Dhanoya says:

I just did this today it was awesome although I'm highly recommend not going down there s if u are scared of height and do not going to fast as you are plummeting down a free fall water slide at 80 mph going down a 90 ft slope but yeh it was good also don't go on posidens revenge I went on that and
I almost shat myself when I just suddenly plummeted down then went up and then back down

Xavier Craine says:

That slide is THE MOST FUN THING EVER! I went on that exact slide, it looks not nearly as tall as it really is..

CheeseJump4 says:

0:27 who else sees the happy face derp?

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