WORLD’S Famous NUSRET Salt Bae Experience In DUBAI !!!

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Today World’s Famous Chef Nusret #SaltBae gave us food and had a great time there with my friends.

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Extremist Garchomp says:

I just realized, the salt just bounces off of his sweaty, hairy arm.

Emrah Sepetci says:

Yarramı var yiyen mı bol tuzlu

mouh klach says:

أتكلم عربي ينعل باباكم الكلب

alok pal says:

साला थोबड़ा देखो

Rischo Maulana says:

I'm a poor man ….

Umid Nazarov says:

Vegans…How do they feel about this?

Randy Hudgins says:

Our gas money

mohamed mallo says:

العربي الكافي لاعبها ماريكاني

jon debbarma says:

The middle guy look like Tony stark (iron man) hit like and comments if agreed.

Haasan Ghouse says:

i have never met a youtuber 🙁

zainab daultana says:

I have beem to this place. And the food is not cooked properly. I vomited and my stomach was upset. Too expensive and bad taste.

Mustafa Jabbar says:

I also got a talent I can cut like ninja any fruits

Ot Hung says:

hey mo fans viet nam looking forwarl to mo rivew bmw s1000 i love mo, i cant not afford to own it,love mo

Endor Andi says:

How much did you pay for the food ?

Mahammad Gasımov says:

Götün etini tuzluyon TÜRKE yamuk yapiyon piccc

Miftahul Mizan Gaming says:

Jorok… garamnya kena tangan gitu… huueeeek……

Md Tausif says:

কেমন লাগলো

Mohaimanul devil says:

Sob halai rashed er chamcha

Just2G0od says:

Kinda poor 2k18 People Point there mobile in other peoples faces no matter if famous or not, its just rude , that kid has no manners

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