View from the top of Burj Dubai tower

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Video from the top of Burj Dubai tower – the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 818 m (2,684 ft). The video belongs to Tom, who send it to us

Burj Dubai tower is part of the 2 km2 (0.8 sq mi) center called “Downtown Burj Dubai” at the First Interchange along Sheikh Zayed Road, near Dubai’s main business district.

The total budget for the Burj Dubai project is about US$4.1 billion, and for the entire new “Downtown Dubai”, US$20 billion

Floor layout:
160-206 Mechanical
156-159 Transmission
155 Mechanical
139-154 Office
136-138 Mechanical
125-135 Office
124 Observatory
111-123 Office
109-110 Mechanical
76-108 Residential
73-75 Mechanical
43-72 Residential
40-42 Mechanical
19-39 Hotel
17-18 Mechanical
5-16 Hotel
4 Hotel, Mechanical
3 Hotel, restaurant
2 Hotel, lobby
1 Hotel, lobby, restaurant
Concourse Restaurant, lobby
B1-B2 Parking, Mechanical


stale memes fuel me says:


Brayden Parton says:

This building is around 2000 feet high or 800 meters high witch is super high since i'm scared of heights i would be freaking out if i was up there because its like around 2300 feet high witch is stupid high.

David The Great says:

That is fucking scary

54spiritedwill54 says:

Wow, that's crazy! It's so high that it looks like you are in an airplane. Could you actually feel the building sway due to the wind? o_0

Mario Reyes says:

They should make a gta dubai

Elie Kh says:

Too bad the view sucks… they should have build a building like this somewhere where u can see a bit of nature..

shnoopydoo says:

You're making me queasy. GET DOWN!! 😉

Anis Roblox says:


Nova Flare says:

and no paper airplane…. or one of those styro foam gliders lol

World record flight for a paper airplane hmm.

billy pilgrim says:

A view from safely behind THICK shatter proof glass near the top of this tower would suffice for me!

Mark E says:

Whats with the radioactive pond at the bottom? Is that why it's so big?

Cory Fry says:


David Grimm says:

Actually it's almost 11 times taller. Tower is 830 meters, Everest 8848 meters.

Matt Neal says:

Horrible not for all the tea in China as my nan would have said.

pinoyanese says:

Watching this makes my hands Sweat

bigtrevvy says:

no you need to climb mountain Everest for that

tomtodlike says:

Mi4 ghost protocol

dongbuka says:

please! turn on his stabilizer

xx SkullBashur says:

Throw a rc plane of edge

Cavaar says:

drop the camera i wanna see what it looks like

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