Video: Antarctic penguins arrive at Ski Dubai

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The penguins are a new public attraction at the indoor ski leisure centre in Dubai.

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Dreamingmagnolia says:

It would be better spending this amount of money on educating people about the penguins' suffering because of man's invasion, , and to estore their own habitat, and promote a clean energy away from.the oil polution.

xbx2207 says:

poop buket only ( the green bujet ) haha

Noah Portes says:

I love them so much I'm sobbing with happiness

Mrmalleableful says:

am jealous !

hind ro says:

hey guys '' what am i doing'' oh yeah ur stealing ice haha JK

hind ro says:

CUTE <3333

Mariam Saif says:

:(poor penguins

0stmackaA says:

"replica where they used to live" Cages them in.

Abdulrhman ghalitah says:

amazing <3

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