Travel Vlog | Explore Dubai : Dubai Desert / Gold Souk / Spice Souk / Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa

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Having seen astonishing growth in the last thirty years – the famous Sheikh Zayed Road was but a sparse motorway with only a few high-rises in the early nineties – today Dubai is a modern playground for locals, expats and travellers alike.

You can trace its history through the city’s varied neighbourhoods, and its ultra-multicultural population means there’s a vast array of cuisines to indulge in.

Every destination has its big-hitters and Dubai isn’t short of blockbuster attractions. Here are five things you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Dubai:

1. Get high at the Burj Khalifa
The skyscraper the city is most famous for, the Burj Khalifa truly is an incredible building. It’s 828 metres tall and clad with 26,000 glass panels for a mirror-finish. Take one of the world’s fastest elevators to the 124th floor to marvel at the spaghetti mess of highways and comparatively tiny buildings below. Entry is pricey, but the views are worth it – especially at sunset. 

2. See it all at Dubai Mall 
Yet another record-breaker, Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping centre at a whopping 13 million square feet in size. It’s not just about shopping here, though: there’s an aquarium, ice rink, Sonic the Hedgehog theme park, cinemas and a vast food court.

3. Take in Marina Walk 
Come evening, Dubai’s Marina Walk is one of the prettiest places in the city, as the colourful lights from the high-rise apartment buildings twinkle on the waters of the man made canal. A 7km pedestrian walkway, lined by restaurants and shisha cafés, makes for a pleasant evening stroll.

4. Marvel at the Burj Al Arab 
Eschew the expensive dinner and drinks available inside the world’s first 7-star hotel and hit any of the beach bars nearby; the best view isn’t from the Burj Al Arab but of it. Watch the sun set behind its billowing sail-inspired form with a drink in hand – there’s no finer way to end a day in Dubai.

5. Watch the Dubai Fountains dance 
One of the best free attractions in the city, every day (afternoon and evening) the Dubai Fountains come alive to the sound of music. Accompanied by choreographed lighting, the water can reach up to 140 metres.

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dubai looks awesome! love the metal camels

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