Tour of Dubai’s most insane hotel suite

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With so many luxury hotels in Dubai, the world capital of luxury, it’s hard to stand out. The amazing royal suite of the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah ( at just under 17,000 square feet, is the largest in Dubai. With room and after room of ornate design, combining Arabic and Western elements, it’s like a huge mansion, encased within the Waldorf.

The suite is about $30,000 per night.

Designed for entertaining, the suite features a majlis lounge for shisha, a large beauty salon and guest bathroom (accommodating 10 people at once) two fantastic bedrooms and patios and balconies outside every window. One of my favorite features was the master bathroom, which featured a large tub and a huge private patio. There was a wall of windows, which could be opened, creating one huge, private space. The postcard view looked across the Persian Gulf to the Burj Al Arab hotel. Spanning the width of the entire hotel, the suite offers views of the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel and the Persian Gulf on one side and the skyline of Dubai (and the ocean) on the other.

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TaroT Counselor Reni Parekh says:

Beautiful huge room….Loved it…

Mason Kufahl says:

You can’t compare this to the underwater suites or the bridge suites at the Atlantis. They are more inviting and much better as far as investing a lot of money into a hotel suite

Kriss Curtis says:

What a suit! Love from Paris ♥

fun time says:

only show 1000 to 3000 $ per night which afford able

Richard Appiah says:

Why has he put a fish-eye lens on the camera….makes the viewing experience really awkward.

kenneth schaijk says:

And things like that

Helena Jackline says:

The price for day please ?

Tamir says:

I’m sorry, but this is just horrible, feels like walking a very luxurious airport lounge. I guess it’s not meant for staying rather than events but still! There was lamps on the floor! With cable showing. Horrible. Anyone with money & taste would pick the other suites available in Dubai. The Atlantis, One&Only, Armani. Heck it even Burg al Arab is better, even when its a bit tacky.

Boomer1941 noname says:

I wouldn't pay even $50 a night to stay in that place…lol

Wesam Mansour says:

It is the craziest,the most outrageous suite i have ever seen!!
Great video Fred….

BoracayADMIRER says:

How do you get the chance to see all those places Fred? You're not really booking it, are you????

John Koch says:

I'd much prefer a smaller, more cozy suite. That thing seems cold. Like living in a palace all alone. No thanks.

Jamee Block says:

its very nice but to im sorry to say its to big i will look like a chiken running with no head just trying to look for the bathroom i was thinking the hilton palm spings suite was pretty good

Ryan Ireland says:

Did you pay for that!?

InspectorLUX Lux says:

Great Video, Have a look at InspectorLUX –  PURE LUXURY HOTELS

Mir Ahmed Ali says:

Amazing but can I know the price of this suite

t3b0g0 says:

Its grand and not over-styled. Gothic. I love the high ceilings. Icould spark a funky blunt in that bitch.

Bharat Jha says:

Too spacious with all arrangements staying alone would not be good experience but yes in group will be fun

Muhammad Nasr says:

fuck fisheye man!

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