Top 10 Most Expensive Dubai Police Supercars

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stars and sports presents Top 10 Most Expensive Dubai Police Supercars People in Dubai has surprisingly lifestyle. In Dubai Everything and everywhere we can see the amazing and mind blowing things which attracts most of the tourist from the world.

The highest Skyscraper building most advanced seven star Hotel Burj all Arab lies in Dubai.
All the people are living standard lifestyle and all.
Security and the policy are well managed in Dubai.

Let see how the Dubai police maintain their work which cars are used by them.
This video will amaze every one. The car worth more then the total annual budgets of police departments.

Here is the short and quick list of the TOp 10 Most Awesome Dubai Police Super cars:

1. Bugatti Veyron
2. Lamborghini Aventador
3. McLaren MP4-12C
4. Bentley Continental GT
5. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
6. Aston Martin One-77
7. Mercedes-Benz Brabus G 700
8. Audi R8 V10
9. Ferrari FF
10. Nissan GT-R

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Banks ! says:

The bentaly and mclearan mix up

Jesper Groot says:

The McLaren and Bentley are at the wrong picture

Rockers corner says:

After watching this how many of u want to go to jail in Dubai???

Pranav Balachander says:

2.55, that is not a Mclaren. It is a Bentley continental

Samuel Jones says:

You obviously don't know what a Bentley or mclaren Is

Explore17 says:

LMAO I'm 100% sure #4 is a McLaren MP4-12C NOT A BENTLEY!!! Learn your cars mate! The same goes for #3, it's the bentley not a Mclaren 🙂

Kurt Selle says:

Learn your cars,you mix up a few of them

Paul life says:

you have change the mc laren and the bentley

Ewa Myhrén says:

no problem i just move to dubai to get this nice car just be a police ez super car

lean dsz says:

there's a lykan hypersport aso in d dubai police

Tiddles The Tortoise says:

The McLaren And Bently Were Muddeld Up But Still Quite Cool

Adriano Amadio says:

yea, thats not a bentley, that was a mclaren, anyway cool vid 🙂

martin parsler says:

car 3 an 4 details mixed up

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