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Top 10 BEST Flat Rides | Canada’s Wonderland 2018 Theme Park Updated for 2024

Updated: May 11, 2024

The theme park Canada’s Wonderland has some really great rides & roller coasters! Let’s take a look at Canada’s Wonderland and count down the top 10 best flat rides (Top 10 Rides) at Canada’s Wonderland: a Cedar Fair amusement park. Canada’s Wonderland is located in Vaughn, Ontario just north of Toronto. Being the largest theme park in Canada, it’s home to over 80 attractions including 16 roller coasters, ranking it the third park in the world with the most coasters. Although the park is well known for its B&M coasters Leviathan & Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland has accumulated quite the collection of flat rides over the years. Even some that are unique and exclusive to the park and North America. DON”T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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Footage used:
Check out the CoasterCircuits channel from the Riptide (Cliffhanger) off ride footage:

Canada’s Wonderland Opening Week (May 1981):
Littlest Hobo at Canada’s Wonderland:

Canada’s Wonderland Flat rides mentioned in this video


Sledge Hammer
Soaring Timbers
Drop Tower: Scream Zone (formerly Drop Zone: Stunt Tower)
Riptide (formerly Cliffhanger)