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Welcome to the Burj Al Arab, possibly the worlds most luxurious hotel! Huge thanks to for setting up an amazing trip for us! Cant wait for the next one as there are a million things left to explore in Dubai!

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– MBB – Feel Good

– Arabian Nights 1 – Magnus Ringblom
– Nightflies – Andreas Ericson
– Arabian Feast – Henrik Neesgaard

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Produced by Benjamin Ortega and Jon Olsson.



Noice The Jetski Rust says:

I love how you put arabic type music in, completly changes the vibe for the better. Small thing with huge impact, well Done.

Joshua Fleming says:

Horrid hotel, interior wise.

RAdam says:

Alltså det är fett svårt att slå era vloggar. :,D Toppkvalitet som vanligt. Ps. Burj Al Arab är 5-stjärnigt med tvås plustecken efter. Det fick inte ha 7-stjärnor trots att det var tänkt så. Men på en 5-gradig skala så är det ett 5++ hotell.


Damn it Jon! You look amazing all the time you beautiful bastard.

Haggiz09 says:

1:20 so a bit of a immagination aka money

Matthews Dintwe says:

Nice editing

f0t0b0y says:

I used to live there for 3 years. Thak you for taking me back!

Bram Slootmans says:

1:21 A bit of imma….Money..

Jlittlelife says:

That is a really beautiful hotel, when I win the lottery I will stay there for a week

Raven 5641 says:

What's your camera dude?

Dyaksa Kuncorohadi says:

The amount of editing and most importantly the story is just way too FUC**N amazing, someone should share this a million times. This should atleast get 10M views per vlog.

Kimberly Rodríguez says:

Great Video guys! but please don’t ride camels. It’s animal exploitation just as elegant riding 🙁

Halcyon says:

Sorry to say buddy, there is no actual 7 Star hotels in the world, Burj al Arab is 5 Star hotel,

Harris_Carvel says:

The police academy where you took the helicopter from is I minute from the burj al Arab. Why did you add transport scenes coming from JBR and going on sheik Zahra road to down town only to end up in front of where you started? Kinda ruins it. Also, I recommended some cooler more secret places you could have visited in Dubai but I guess the 1 m has gone to your channels head and makes you not care about foreign al subscribers anymore.

Stefania Lucia says:

guys this so next level. love the architecture inside of the hotel.

All Things Rebel says:

What kind of camera do you use?? Those slomo shots are amazing!

Modak Vines says:

Damn jon … u good bro?? u look like Tom cruise

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