The world greatest dancing fountains – Burj Khalifa

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The world’s biggest dancing fountains are located right outside the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world which is right next to the Dubai Mall – the biggest mall in the world


Beero fountain and fountains says:

For More amazing Videos of Fountain then Visit

Muhammad Fadil says:

dubai is fert amazing


how much is the entrance going there?and how far is the distance going there from downtown? thanks

Shona Awasthi says:

Unbelievable realy osm

Nikhil Aggarwal says:

India has more beautiful and impressing water show in Delhi…

Lisa Ramotar says:

You had a great view. Were you at a restaurant or hotel? I am going in October an dooking for a good spot to see this.

Charme Charme says:

love this place so much hope to come back here again

AiFa AaMaN says:

Amazing technology ✔✔✔

Yogesh Bhatt says:

Wow its just wow 🙂

Mashaallah Allah bless u Allah bless u says:


World tours says:

wonderful! been there for few times~

farrukhmask says:

The music theme link pls?

Dilawar Virk says:

yeh pora enjoy kia ha idhr gia bhi hon kamal ha

v v says:

Basically they pay money n get technology from West.. That's it

Mr. SR Creation says:


Rajkot water show

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