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Meet Yousuf Mohammed Ali Madappan, lovingly called ‘Yousuf bhai’ in Gold Souq in Deira, who has been making perfumes for 30 years. (Video by Nilanjana Gupta)

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Mohansandho Daska says:

Main perfume banana sikhna Chahta Hoon Agar Kisi bhai ko Maloom Ho Jo perfume banana Sikha sakta hai Mecca Madina yeah jeddha mein please mujhe uska address dijiye ya contact number

Khadijah Ruslan says:

Seeing how happy and content he is with his life is so wholesome

Renukka Shekhar says:

Where can I get yusuf's number

Shams Islam says:

یوسف بھائی خوش رہو سلامتی کیساتھ

Deana Wells says:

Can you make an individualized fragrance for a person based on their personal likes and their personal base notes in their skin ? Or can you duplicate any already on the market fragrances?

sarwar ali says:

All the best Yousuf Bhai, Masha Allah

Gautam Diwani says:

yusuf bhai bahut hi badiya badiya

shah shah says:

I will definitely want to visit ur shop yushuff bhai

Ked Kaeokit says:

gets flashback of a movie about making perfume from young girls

Ginto Kocheril Varghese says:

Haha this guy is living life! Kudos to him =)

disha bhattacharjee says:

I want all…

4VIPONLY says:

nigga you look at least 70

Raja Shahid says:

Youssef bhi Allah bless you.
Respected from Pakistan Kashmir


polichu machane …… i wil come one day in your shop

G says:

It's always a pleasure to see hard working people who love what they do, and keep the consumer in mind. So many big designers are cutting cost and selling weaker reformulations now days, but Dua and a few other new fragrance houses are bringing back performance at a great price.

Kevin Nair says:

you know what the perfume BRUT has inspired many to buy or make fragrances

Ishaq Ov says:

Today i visit his shop. good personality

M Waqas Murid says:

can any body told me their location please??

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