The Palm – Dubai

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Introducing The Palm
Premier residential resort islands in Dubai


erzan says:

Two words. Climate change.

Nicholas Smith says:

…I'll take my American rights and freedoms and you can have your McMansions….

kissablegillis says:

Just curious, but what about erosion? I mean, natural (non man made) beaches suffer from erosion? How long is the lifespan of this project? This project sounds amazing, and a real achievement in engineering! I just can't help wondering how long it will last. Will homeowners have to keep up maintainance? Will the islands just dissolve into the gulf?

ScottDraycott says:

0:45 – my dad 😀

Sukh Saran says:

wait till tsunami flushes away your investment in moments.

Davidsbeenhere says:

I am a world traveler and I love to come UEA in the future.
Please visit my youtube account and watch my traveling videos.
Thank you 🙂

Mushuboo says:

@THBBGood the island is protected form waves due to the crescent

drmeithos says:

god bless free enterprise

Gagan Kalkat says:

i wanna visit this place!!! is it a good place for holiday?

Matthew Burtwell says:

It's like The Truman Show… A man made town, seems strange

THBBGood says:

If it's storm ?………

Bianca Emirates says:

i love this video… 😉

Vishnu R Shekhar says:

@MapleTree621 it has finished the construction, there is Residence and Business happening there….!! check out the inauguration video…!! i have been there, its beautiful…!!!

Juan Carlos Espinosa says:

Definitivamente hermoso, creación de personas inteligentes y creativas, una maravilla mas!!!

CatherineGirl24 says:

Beautiful resort.

E Nelson says:

@VonHelton Not everyone is poor, buddy. A friend of mine's parents have multiple summer homes, and the one near me is worth about 1.6 million. They exist. Lots of them, actually.

RobertsDigital says:

@KingWilliamMB scientists and geologists have confirmed that the palm jumeirah is sinking at a rate of 5mm per year and the sinking rate is likely to increase in a couple of years. You being an engineer and choosing not to believe what other engineers have confirmed does not make your claim right kid. You just sit down there saying it wont sink while it has been confirmed tha through investigation that the island is sinking…

rich8642 says:


No they won't. lol.

When stone henge was built, there were basically no methods of effectively recording events.

We know a whole lot about how things were a thousand years ago because a thousand years ago, people were recording events.

Daveland says:

what surprises me is that every time i see an international commercial , there are white people only in them (almost always) … i mean … im not against it , it just seems like we would be some surpreme race !

RobertaM. says:

All that glitters ain't gold!

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