The Other Side of DUBAI – Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek, Spice & Gold Souq

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On my second episode of Dubai, I explored the lesser-known part of Dubai. I started from the Dubai Museum and Al-Fahidi Fort which is the perfect place to learn about Dubai history. I then passed by the Hindi Lane, which is known as the only area consisting of 2 main Shiva and Krishna temples in Dubai. In the afternoon, I took the Dubai Abra (water taxi) to cross the Dubai’s creek to go to the Spice Souk and Gold Souk.

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Hello there! If you make it this far, welcome!
I am Syifa, an Indonesian female solo traveler, who started solo traveling in 2013. I enjoy budget traveling by staying with locals, motorbike riding but also like to explore local food.
After working for the government till 2016, I left Indonesia to pursue long-term traveling. As naive as I was, it only lasted me for 5 months throughout Asia. In January 2017 I moved to China for an English teaching job, which was considered to be my first living abroad experience. Stayed until May 2018, living in China has changed me, in a good way.
I love traveling and creating travel videos on Youtube. It is such a rewarding work for me that I do wish this would last me for a while.

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Syifa Adriana says:

Hello everyone,
I hope you have a great week so far. Weekend is here and I have just published 2nd episode of Dubai series. I am hoping that you enjoyed this one as I pushed myself hard to get out of my public anxiety while filming this.
Let me know what you think of this video and which part is your favorite?
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uttam verma says:

Your filming style and editing is very good… Well done

Sunil Shrestha says:

Which country you like between nepal n dubai

Samar Reza says:

Your all vlog i seen very nice

Samar Reza says:

Come my country India

Rubi Ruebz says:

Great content Syifa, a different look of Dubai from what I imagines. Keep pursuing ur dream n do take care in your journey ya.

fsl. Arctic says:

Your fashion is very bad

Ugyen Slayer says:

Can you please tell me the name of the song at 10:57?

Bikash Chhetri says:

I'm big fan your and now I'm also Dubai can you meet me..please

dhennis888 says:

That's what I am after. Cheap gold ring! Thanks Syifa for this unique and informative video. Safe travel to you! 🙂

willy says:

Gold was 1 of the best ways to keep your money and show off how rich you are.. just don't were it on the economy train to bekasi…. Wkwkwk

Zalvador Del Mundo says:

You are so pretty and lovely…

Haseeb Saif says:

00971559127280 plz text me on whatsapp

Wise Voice says:

You are so inspiring for the womenfolk all over the world not least Muslim women! Would you please make video telling your life story especially how you became so acquainted with English and got so much courage to explore the world?
With regards.

Tekendra Rai says:

Smile smile smile smile smile and SMILE

Wolfer Wolfer says:

You are so beautiful

Frank Marajapov says:

I feel so sorry that you have changed a lot – why did you unveil?

punjabi lahori says:

So sweet smile

Jewan Gurung says:

why do you look like nepali

N G says:

Wow again another exotic place with Ur charming presentation,what else Utubers want after watching this vids.
I had love to see U munching on kababs & authentic Arab foods,I guess that’s what Dubai is famous for!

Jayson Cadlawon says:

Philippines also

German Giant *ex Jing Jing* says:

new t-shirts for sale: "SHAKIRA – FROM NEPALI TO DUBAII"

Jitendra Yadav says:

Hi Syifa,

I saw a video of yours related to GAD that you had one year ago. If you are still experiencing it I have written a comment in that video for you with some suggestions and my experience with GAD. Thought sharing it might help you.

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