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Bugatti’s, La Ferrari’s, Ferrari Enzo, Mclaren P1, Lamborghini SV’s, and the list goes on!! Elite 1 has set up their first ever car event and WOW what a day!! We started off at Deals on Wheels on Sheikh Zayed road headed to Bab Al Shams Resort, then finished off with dinner at the Al Qasr Hotel. WHAT A DAY!!

Big thanks to the organizers for having me:

Eliite 1:
Super sprint:
Group 63:

Big thanks to Deals on Wheels for hosting:

Big thanks to Arash for filming this event with me:

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Aly El-Ghonemy says:

Very good editing deserves way a lot more of view

jay bradley says:

How do they keep these cars so clean with all that sand around? must be a constant battle!

Jayant Chowdary says:

Dude you're dope maaaaan… 😉

Yaduveer Official says:

whats the name of the music please?

11,750,934 views says:

I THINK THAT MO N MOE Had a serious lafra (fight) they dont meet now a days

Hea Ly says:

my dream cars

yardna says:

do you know those c63 are not normal 63s? they are black edition

Imzy All In One says:

Nice video dude

Jessie Bement says:

Way better than vlogs , more mature, and we can understand you. Way cooler than mo vlogs

Abhishek Chauhan says:

Shoutout to movlogs

abdul tapol says:

nice vid Moe…more power!!!

Adam says:

Mo – I'm curious, what do you actually do for a living in Dubai? Obviously Youtube isn't your full-time job yet, so I am just curious, what type of work you do?

kobe _99 says:

i already see that on MO VLOGS video !! you copied all of that from MO VLOGS..

Mr Craflogs says:

mashallah really appreciate your editing

Slayrah airah says:


Gaming With Las says:

I finally saw stig's Persian cousin's face!

Manan Gupta says:

better than mo vlogs

M.M VLOGS says:

hit a like button whoz with me supporting moe money !!

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