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Arlene Vaughn says:

Loved my visit to Dubai

Michel Adib says:

good job emaar for the most beautiful sites in the world

Movie Nights says:

it is beautifull inshalllah i will go there ameen

Marriam Guiamad says:

Masha allah

MrMarmula says:

It's beautiful look foward on going inshallah

Mazhar Noor says:

Wow..inshallah one day..I'll be here..

Ben Jovi says:

Dubai is my kind of a city, I love Dubai and its life, I love living in a modern city.

apipsalon says:


i love dubai

Anis Abdelaziz says:

very nice 3

Asian Mohamed says:

The fountain is visible from space? Wow

KingAceLakers says:

AWESOME!!! That's absolutely amazing!!! Mall and water fountain with lights!!! Wow, I'm absolutely MIND-BLOWING!!!

HiTMaN AHMED says:

So what come we waiting for u 🙂

MayK4 says:

wow…amazing Mash'Allah

TheLegoWizzard says:

im going there this year i cant wait 😀

Snail1510 says:

i adore the engineers!! the best!!

QATAB Chakir says:

I love dubai , i was there last year , magical ,

Amanda Lee says:

i want to go . 🙂

Saima Khan says:

awesome place .

Rena M says:

Amazing city, under a very good ruler who loves his nation and do the best for it !!!! congratulations, i wish to have also in our country a ruler like Dubai's ruler !!!

Keith Evans says:

that is beautiful

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