The Amazing Dubai Palm Jumeirah Island

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Flying above the Dubai Palm Jumeirah Island, seeing the World Island, Atlantis, Dubai Marina & Burj Al Arab up to 500m high with DJI Phantom 3 Drone
Amazing Dubai Palm Jumeirah – Dubai Palm Jumeirah Full Coverage – Dubai Palm Jumeirah Full Tour


Ob Alms says:

Now that is luxury baby

Tobias says:

Where are the people?

surinder sonu says:

Good video, Dubai is well plan city but it is artificial city……

Loyen Dealca says:

I do wonder when a typhoon hits that place

Jose Zavala says:

Nice..but this is where the richest people lives ..where do poor people lives …there is to many big buildings. are all ocupid

M&M 123 says:

Bad service

EwHugs says:

Beutiful city, dangerous goverment, no woman rights, and ignores human rights. It sad that that stuff happens even though they are a beutiful country.

Mark Logan says:


Tabrej Ahmad says:

This is good

Jevs Padrique says:

It's not good idea

WOW says:

wow real heaven on Earth

Md Amirasgar says:

Dubai is a amazing city

MYinfinitig35 says:

Beautiful. But the water looks a little green.

Akhaya Das says:

Nice place..

vengaspeed says:

nice, but it is all made by human, not nature. Σαν τη Χαλκιδική δεν έχει!

navi tonk says:

Father create palm beach for son will do job mullaa arbi's sons

Zzul Ma says:

The beach is empty. They spend so much money to stay there and they don't enjoy the beach? Millionaires and their logic.

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