Snowboarding in the Desert on Christmas Day at Ski Dubai which is located in the middle of Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.
Snowboarding Trip to Wyoming with the Boarding Crew. This year we hit the POW Jackpot, as it snowed over 10-15 inches every night. Thanks to Adventure sports Rentals for hooking us up with the 4×4 [More]
Snowboarding at Ski Dubai at the Mall Of Emirates music: twenty one pilots: Stressed Out shot 100% with go pro
We went Skiing and Sand Surfing both in the same day! Dubai is such a cool place and Ski Dubai is AWESOME! We love it! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: Follow us on: YouTube: [More] Eddie Wall and the Video Hyper Shred crew head to Dubai to learn just what snowboarding in the hot sands of Dubai’s 100+ degree desert is all about. Powder turns in a Middle East [More]
If I said lets’ go snowboarding in the Middle East you’d be like…get out of town! But it’s true, Dubai has the first ever indoor Ski Resort in the Middle East. You have the pleasure [More]