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dubai mall aquarium | dubai aquarium crocodile | dubai aquarium shark | fanni kashmiri official

dubai mall aquarium | dubai aquarium crocodile | dubai aquarium shark | danni kashmiri official

Crocodile in IMG world of adventure Dubai 2022
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4k] THE BIGGEST AQUARIUM IN THE WORLD IN DUBAI MALL , Crocodile Island, Crowded visitors , AMAZING


[4k] THE BIGGEST AQUARIUM IN THE WORLD IN DUBAI MALL , Crocodile Island, Crowded visitors , AMAZING

It’s a part of my journey to Dubai . Hope you will find this video interesting and if you want more videos of Dubai and foreign countries then please comment below in the comments if it will be more than 10 comments of this topic I will start my blog and you will get all the information there. Thanks for watching Wordly Fact hope you enjoyed the video.
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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo recreates this fascinating environment in near-perfect detail and gives you the opportunity to walk right through it.Located on the Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall, the 48-metre long Aquarium tunnel takes you 11 metres under the surface.

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Here’s our part 4 experience of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Here we can see the 2 of the biggest (Top 10) crocodile in the world.

Want to explore one of the largest and most stunning aquariums in the world?

The #DubaiAquarium & Underwater Zoo is one such fascinating attraction that will leave you spellbound with its many delights. Let’s explore this captivating marine world and its many thrills and fill you in with all the important information on Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. #DubaiMall underwater zoo and aquarium gives one more reason to visit this spectacular world of luxury brands and high fashion. One of the best places to visit with kids, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo has three main sections that offer unlimited marine exploration through unique experiences. [More]

Hi bunnies!!! Recently I visited the Dubai Underwater Zoo at Dubai Mall with my family. I was delighted to see the sharks and other fish. Come take a look with me. The video shows the largest acrylic panel Aquarium in the largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall. The aquarium hosts a number of dangerous sharks along with a host of sting rays and other species.

If you wanna directly see the crocodile feeding shot, please choose to start from 4:36

Sorry that the time which I loaded this video, I don’t know the way to cut it. T_T

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