Nisha Bhagat presents her latest choreography on the hottest and one of the most trending songs of Fall 2020 “Burjkhalifa” by Shashi – Dj Khushi & Nikita Gandhi from the upcoming movie Laxmii Bomb/Laxmii Starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani!

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This is my new video to Touta by Haifa Wehbe! Loved shooting this clip in London, and there’s a brand new dance tutorial coming out on Friday to learn part of this choreo! Choreo starts from about 48 seconds in, the rest is improv 😀

Music: Touta by Haifa Wehbe
Dancer & Choreographer: Katie Alyce
Videographer: Mary Robinson

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Katie Alyce – @katiebellydancer

No copyright or infringement intended. This has been created for entertainment and dance purposes only. [More]

Video quay toàn cảnh show nhạc nước đẳng cấp của Dubai với nền nhạc Power! #ProudOfEXO

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