Step inside one of Dubai’s oldest Indian restaurants

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One of Dubai’s oldest Indian restaurants ‘Sind Punjab’ has been a roaring success for the last 42 years with ‘butter chicken’ as one of its best-sellers. (Video by Nilanjana Gupta)

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Muhammad Bilal says:

Theres one Pakistani restaurant older than this , Delhi restaurant diera Dubai

Ram Redkar says:

Which are is this restaurant located?
My next visit to Dubai I will definitely come to Sindh and Punjab.

Alpha Centauri says:

The saddest part is that even though Harban Singh stayed there for almost 40 years with a successful business. he still runs the risk of being kicked out of Uae ! He has no rights no citizenship no nothing and he will always be a bloody hindu sikh kafir for the locals who think they are so superior

kusuma rambalu says:

In which area it is sir in Dubai

Rahul Pithadia says:

Very nice Sir it's same like our Sion koliwada

vipin Kumar says:

Nice to hear hamari Delhi hard worker get respect world

Rajan Sharma says:

Sir mujay ynha pay job Karni hey please something update

lohit raj says:

I guess Sikh eat jatka meat which is not considered halal as per Quran

World Peace says:

This is how life should be. Keep it going Sardarji, best wishes!

Mynameisnot John doe says:

It’s Pakistani wtf

Farid Shahab says:

Lots of respect and love from Pakistan
Keep up the good work! ❤️

Sushmita Bhaskar says:

What is the address of this restaurant?

Ajit Prashar says:

Very very nice paji

Ali grande says:

We don't copy Pakistan.
Ahahahahaha sind-Punjab.

Spidy Man says:

انتم عايشين في دبي بس ماتتحدثون اللغة العربيه

Jnmc MC says:

I have been there….good place

Dev De Silva says:

Where’s this located?
Is Ravi Restaurant in Satwa also still operating?

Sizal Mehta says:

Just carry on this gud work…

Rakshat Shetty says:

I stay exactly opp to d hotel.and ya the taste is ultimate

Manish Verma says:

Aaj Indians Aur Pakistani Ki Wajh Se Dubai Yaha pe Hai ❤️ Agar aaj hum dono mulk sath hote h toh dubai se bhi aage badh chuke hote

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