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In this episode of Shredded Adam Saaks cuts an Iranian model infront
of the Burj Al Arab Hotel on a gorgeous Dubai Beach. This one grooves! Checkit!


Watching Adam Saaks cut live is a see it to believe it experience. He brings an element of creativity and charisma to millions who witness him in action. For the past seven years he has spent the majority of his time traveling to the farthest reaches of the planet so he can bring his love for T-shirt cutting to the masses. He has performed uncountable live cutting shows throughout Russia, France, UK, China, India, Tunisia, UAE, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippine Islands and every major city in the United States. For all inquiries regarding Adam’s live performances contact direct +1 (213) 925-9998

MORE ABOUT ADAM: Born and raised in San Jose, California. As a child he fell deeply in love with drawing free-hand, then in his late teens circa 1990, he moved to San Francisco and for the next decade he redirected his artistic eye to wardrobe styling. In 2001 Adam relocated to Los Angeles where his lifetime of sketching and working with fabrics collided into the perfect marriage. The result…Adam Saaks Custom CuToure. For over twelve years Adam is continuously breaking new ground with his precision cuts and signature laddering technique. His designs remain timeless, one of a kind works of art. He’s been deemed the Godfather of the T-shirt cutting phenomenon and has a celebrity clientele that would wear out any red carpet as well as a cult following consisting of over 60,000,000 viewers on YouTube and over 215,000 followers on Instagram.

CELEBRITY CLIENTELE: Heidi Klum, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Shakira, Eminem, Pink, Mel B, Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, Keira Knightly, Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Simpson, Eve, Carmen Electra, Mariah Carey, Paris and Nicky Hilton,, Hilary Duff, Heather Graham, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and many more…

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Adam Saaks Book – “Love At First Cut”:



mbicho denning says:

creative thumbs up ! super models

bobby bob says:

Watch out becareful don't let you cut the nipple bcs I wanna suck it.

Ayla Surabaya Remix says:


schwagier says:

hence it's in Dubai, is that this famous burkini?

nomar mar says:

this couldve gone wrong is so many ways… impresssive

vishwanath verma says:

fantastic cut #ADAM saaks

JournyGirlDolls 4Life says:

me I could never pull that off in a million years but she rocks it

pjdsa says:

who is this model? she looks like a local or even an Indian/Pakistani?

Max w says:

Great shred!

Riekie Nel says:

Would like to  see that body after a day in the sun haha

Fraco Cortes says:

Name gril ?;)

SuzieBoo54 says:

looks beautiful but I always wonder how you take it off and put it back on again…

Hà Nguyễn says:

Very like … want to try 🙂 🙂

Cassie Hemingway says:

Impressionnant ! Brava (:

Topel Objem says:

Name of song 🙂 ? great work!!!

febris says:

Love this! Beautifull model and great Idea! Good job! sexy!

Dato Krishna Official says:

its Looking Amazing………………………………

ExTex23 says:

Wow, what gorgeous model and you did a nice shred as well.

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