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George Mwangi says:

Hehe, the kid surely can negotiate.

Sandra Ndai says:

I tap onto this blessing… dear God pls remember me

virginiahwacu wacu says:

I luv what am seeing guyz am in Dubai with the wajesus family 🙂

King Souleyman says:

While Dubai is a plug, for heavy, extensive, varied & cheaper home builder's shopping, Guangzhou is the world's ultimate plug no doubt!

edwin murimi says:

ile progress kabi na milly wajesus wanasonga nayo next time watch them going to mars…kamati itabidi mkujie tissue sasa koz mimi am here to stay

Moses Mbugua says:

You are great people.Dubai is an amazing destination.We also organize similar group tours for destinations world wild.

Juster Wachira says:

So you vouch for sammy the plug?We can send him stuff from Dubai?? He's trustworthy??

Jessicanachami Nachami says:

That's was a very important video yu have ever done especially those guys can help someone to shop things.n shop ya Adidas sijaget ni mall ngani please

Jessicanachami Nachami says:

Haha watu wadubai day to day tuko MBELE pita na likes…that's our gikomba

F U Z Z Y Yt says:

Is our username in pubg hMxKabi

Mary Wangui says:

If you're going to import anything, kindly give me the job am a clearing agent I'll import for you at good rates

Maggie julliey Mburu says:

Baby no 2….wow happy for you guys

Grace Anne says:

I like that we are seeing what is available in Dubai. Are we totally sure that we can't have these things made in Kenya and sold in Kenya? The numerous job opportunities that would be created. Anyway, just thinking aloud. I know we can do this for our country. May God give us the right leaders.

waithera njenga says:

Hello's wa Jesus family that guy who's supposed to help import good I have tried to connect him simpati

Sarah Kiiru says:

If shopping till you drop was a couple. Would def be you guys.

Mesh Wallen says:

Du the baing

Mercy Gituai says:

Thank you soo much wajesus , atleast have got the ideas on where to shop for my house that am building soon . Thank you

wita news says:

I have subscribed again u guys are awesome

Monica Wangari says:

Enjoy couple ever

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