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Jump on a one or two person inner-tube and journey down into the Tower of Neptune’s mysterious core, before emerging in the middle of a shark-filled lagoon.



Amarra Brown says:

guy is ugly tho

eғғerveѕcenт•waveѕ says:

This is still cool even without sharks

Carsy Bear says:

0.24 thank me later

Evan Parkins says:

I’m going to them

Tamil zone says:

where is the shark men?

Stephanie Hector says:


Stephanie Hector says:

Whoa can't not see the shark SERIOUSY i saw the shark is in1:39 WHY

Jayden playzzz says:

I really wanted to ride the shark attack. I wonder what it feels like

Anthony Peterson says:

There was no shark and if there was a shark atak thay wud be no people going in the whater park and the people wud not be that com

Minecraft kid says:

It’s real

Mashika Cooray says:

I went in that

Slaygamer XD says:

Shark attack is the name of the slide duhhhhhh

isleen ontiveros says:

No you dumb boy

Maciej Pilos says:

0:24 starts

Sandra Nash says:

Where is the shark

Musically Compilation Italia says:

fuck!! where's the Shark???

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