Palm Jumeirah frond M

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M4 TECH says:

Wonder full dubai no other nations can,t make this like super stuctures.fantastic nation

yarabbi şükür baboş says:

but you are still in an arab country where people fuck each other in the ass

movers packers says:

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Oscar de Farias says:

quero mesmo que o mar acabe com esta palhacada atrevida deste abutresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

drinny26 says:

The houses are so close to each other. No thank you.

lucas master TV says:

magnifico tope luxo altissimo luxo

Лечи Ибишев says:

На эти деньги голодным детям африки помогли бы лучше…

sports craze says:

how much money they wasted on building this and on the side of this asian labors are dying due to lack of facilities

Katya Malib says:

Only for Dubai nothing else where
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Koma- san says:

i read one of the comments that dubai is sh!t….NANI?

Axmed Jibriil says:

fucking bad music

kunal nath says:

What if the water level increases?

Fz Fr says:

I'M F.MAN.HY.200018.

chandan ankalgi says:

I am proud that a large desert have became huge thriving megacity

Tom Degen says:

I would love to life their

Giancarlo G. says:

south beach is better than this shit

Bambang Budiarto says:

So beautiful from Indonesia

joey jacildone says:

it’s nice but, only rich people can buy it

Radio Bikini says:

Sterile and no boats, no one on the beaches………miles from town…….blah

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