Our Dubai apartment tour

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Shirley Ski says:

Very cool how much on US $

Amine Achouri says:

Zero information in the video !!!! No Rent price , no renting source ? The only nice thing in this video is the pretty girl and her beautiful legs .

nmd aldoseri says:

hi, is this a hotel appartment or just a serviced apartmen

عقارات صنعاء says:

قال تعالى)) (علم الانسان مالم يعلم)صدق الله العظيم

Aaron W says:

Hi, thanks for the video. What would be the price to buy a Appartment like that?

Stefan Vlad says:

We move to Dubai also for 2-3 months in march. Can you help me with info on how much is a one bedroom apartament Close to the Beach in a new building? Thank you.

Eric Charles says:

I wish I could have her boyfriend for a night , he’s so gorgeous

heyjude2109 says:

You can rent an hotel apartment in the JBR in Dubai for a year with all bills included.

KR45Y76 says:

no personality

Lil Devu says:

Every one moving Dubai

Sarah * says:

So gorgeous

Martin Galbraith says:

The rent and cost to buy would beinteresting

Edma Macave says:

Congratulation guys.

Momoh Moseray says:

Australia would be nice may you should take a look at Gold Coast and many more it not I am looking into buying at Gold Coast but I am also look at Dubai

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