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NOORAN Fashion Show Dubai mall 24 9 2014



Tanzeela Rahim says:

okkkkhhhhhhh……bt this isn't abya…..

Gent 40 says:

I love it . The third one is perfect for my second wife. Maybe showing a little too much eyebrows. But we'll fix that. Wonderful stuff. Thank you

Yy T says:

ماشاء الله انا بنت من المغرب كلشي جميل جدا

Abdul Latif Chaudhary says:

Kullu Lanati lanati lanati

Rahima Khatun says:

They are nice for fashion!!!!! But they shouldn’t be called abaya Becz abaya is all about covering yo body and the shape of you body!

Mey muna says:

Ths shows the end of the world Islam has nothing to do wth ths kind of clothes n walking style so plz stop it

Tina Green says:

Wether the models are Muslims or not the are modeling for our Muslim communities and should be wear the headscarves as it is a part of the abaya

Hikma Musma says:

hijab and Abya god

Maryam Alkuwari says:

يلوع الجبد

Aquib Khan says:

hahahaha bakwass

Mohammad Maaz says:
For best abbayas visit and contact +923333203551 /call/sms/whatzapp

Haniya Imtiaz says:

Can you please tell me what’s the name of the song at 08:16 please please ?

Ayesha Gull says:

Nice establish your fashion industry just like u did dubai

Naa Weeda says:

True muslim women does not expose themself to the public like this. Stop it

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