My visit to Dubai's QE2 hotel after nearly 25 years since last seen! #QE2 #Dubai #floatinghotelQE2

Updated: March 18, 2023

On the 27th January whilst in Qatar with my balloon (video blog is on this channel if interested) I decided I’d book a quick FlyDubai flight across to Dubai from Qatar and back same day, just to visit the legendary QE2. Now this may not seem like a big thing to do but for someone with anxiety and autism this was huge. To some it may even seem crazy to just fly over to Dubai to see a ship, well yes I’d have to agree with you if I was flying from UK but this was from Qatar which is only 250 miles away! I felt as though this was my only chance to see her again and even perhaps step inside. Luckily she is indeed open to anyone who wants to see inside. I wish some of the more notable areas werent off limits but I was happy to have seen what I did. If you are here from my Queen Mary 2 page on Facebook hi I’m the creator! QE2 is the reason why I created a page dedicated to chasing her progress on her career. I hope you enjoy the video!