MY ROOM in WORLD'S TALLEST HOTEL in DUBAI | What's the Room price?

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This is my second video of #Dubai series. In this video you will see my room which was in world’s tallest hotel which is gevora hotel and what all things this hotel has to offer you.

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Varun Gore says:

Bhai wo rose tower hotel hai

Akib shabir says:

how much the rent price for per day brother??

Gunjan Kashyap says:

HI, Your video is good. I have subscribed the channel. I would like to clarify one thing, when you say that something is highest in the world it means it is located geographically in a high altitude . For an example world's highest battlefield is Siachen Glacier . If you say in context to your hotel concept , the hotel may be small in size, but if it is constructed above Mt.Everest then it would be treated as highest hotel. Please rectify if I am wrong. Best of luck for your work.

Radhika Gujar says:

Price kitna h bhai

Rohan Mittal says:

Love u bhai

N c says:

The kitchen is working….. we can cook in that ?

love life says:

Are you still in dubai

love life says:

Hi hello how are you its great your experience i like

rock the world says:

My friend Rakesh singh is working there…

Aaditya Prajapati says: feature planing going to Dubai

sen says:

Bhai kya job karte ho kya

Bilal Ali says:

Room how much?

Arsham Khan says:

Iii like you

Ashu Arora says:

Bai apna num dede kuch puchna ha

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