Minecraft Timelapse – Hotel Atlantis (Dubai) [Download]

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Hey Leute,
mit etwa einem Tag Verspätung kommt jetzt unser nächstes Timelapse. Diesmal haben wir uns das Atlantis Hotel, auch “Atlantis The Palm” genannt, in Dubai vorgenommen und haben dieses nachgebaut. Wir hoffen es gefällt euch und jetzt viel Spaß beim Video! 🙂

Hey guys,

here is our next timelapse. This time we tried to recreate the Atlantis hotel, also called Atlantis The Palm, in Dubai in Minecraft. We hope you like it and now enjoy the video! 🙂



Resource Pack:

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SEUS Standard 1.7.5

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Etherin Avalon says:

I live in Dubai! I SAID I LIVE IN DUBAI!!!

黃敬芫 says:

Can you cover the harris tower and the front fountain? ?

Jonas Orri says:

/gamerule dodaylightcycle false

Zigners Valdemarovs says:


Hey Lachs says:

Geiles Hotel!!!

P0PT4RT G4MES says:

This hotel is beautiful!!

VarsoTV konto zapasowe says:

OMG!!! That's brilliant!!!

Arrows 44 says:

Dude, you need more subscribers!

Aidan A says:

please we want to see the architect show your face dont even speak plz

Dannav Quintero says:

survival ? creativo?

SKYMASTER İnsáne says:

Отель Евгехи

MyScarletfox says:

Hard work always pays off.

rar_key says:

did you make actual hotel rooms?

Jennifer O'Marrah says:

when I got half way in the video I was like holy crap that looks really really great

Thorin & Balrog says:

I've seen a few versions of the Antlantis Hotel that are really good but no one is at this level, this is also the most accurate for sure 🙂

Bille Alsbirk says:

Download in MCPE Addons!

XxSmythexX Squad says:

I downloaded this map it’s lit but can u add rooms plz

Bea Hroncová says:

there is no Donald link

Jorge Jimenez says:

Imagino q tu lo construiste , lo descargue y posiblemente lo incluya en mi server , Esta hermoso es delisiosa la arquitectura q tiene gxs por postearla y subirla .

Unicorn Dash says:

What we have to do after downloading this .plz can anyone say it

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