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If you want to see a $2.4 Billion custom made Bugatti L’or Blanc or a gold decked Lamborghini, then just visit Dubai because they are owned by the Dubai’s richest kids. If it is not covered in gold, then it is probably not very interesting to a Dubai’s elite, unless of course if it is covered in diamond instead.
The rich kids of Dubai are so obsessed with the shiny yellow metal. Whether it is a custom – made 24 carat gold iphone or an entire Mercedes covered by white gold, every now and then, you will find the rich kids of Dubai flaunting a new bling bling accessory that befits the emirates fixation with gold

One of the richest kids of Dubai Rashed Saif Belhasa, has his car wrapped in Luis Vuitton, for him, to stand out as richest of rich, not just that you need to own a Ferrari, you need to slap Louis Vuitton emblems across every square inch of the Ferrari
Imagine a 14 years old kid could afford 2.4million dollars worth of a car.
You know that’s quite unbelievable!

Of all the royal Dubai rich kids, there is one in particular who is known for his extravagance. That would be Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al maktoum, the crown price of Dubai also known as FAZZA.
Fazza do flaunt of all his wildly expensive private yatchs, vacation cars and Camel.
Yea Camel!
You might be wondering, why Camel?
How much do you think could buy a camel? Couple of thousands perhaps
Well Fazza went ahead and bought one for a whopping 2.7 million dollars in fact on that same day, he bought eleven more Camels of that same price. That is roughly 4 and half million bucks.

You know how you crave everyday to take picture with your favorite celebrity.
Some people even dream while sleeping about hanging out with their favorite celebrities.
Well to richest kids in Dubai, it is no dream but reality; they hire favorite stars for private meetings
Most of us can only wish to be lucky enough to click a selfie with our favorite celebrities but for the filthy rich kids in Dubai, it is just a matter of booking.
Celebrities like Chris brown, Wiz khalifa, Paris Hilton, French Montana will play and even Dj at your party but you will only have to pay them around 2 million Dollars which is no biggie for Dubai richest kids.
One of the popular rich kids of Dubai, Saif Ahmed Belhasa, a 14 years old boy, has a social media account where he uploaded photos with the likes of Akon, Messi, Nickiminaj, and Jackie Chan.

Dubai is also well known for its special gold flavored treats from 1,200 dollar cup cakes at the famous blooms berry cup cake shop to the Golden Phoenix which features 23 – carat edible gold sheets, all served on a gold – plated cake stand.
That’s extraordinary!
Eating raw gold???
Well, there is plenty of gold infused food enjoyed by the richest kids of Dubai.

What is the first thing that you would do if money was no objection?
Lemme know in the comment below, tell me what would you do right now if you are lucky to be one of the richest kid in Dubai?



Amsal Wajihuddin says:

If money was no object, I'd walk around like a god.

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