Living in the Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa) in Downtown Dubai

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Standing at 828m high, this masterpiece mega structure is a luxury prestigious location to live in and is the tallest tower in the world. This video gives you a resident’s perspective of living in this stunning tower as well as information on the community. Make it your home – and have something to remember for the rest of your life.

Our Coldwell Banker agents have a variety of apartments for rent & sale within this tower and can guide you in selecting one that suits you.

Contact our Dubai office on +971 4 439 1200.

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movers packers says:

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real science says:

City has no character…it is artificial and fake!!

786tazz says:


Carlos Torres says:

Chicago is better

digi051669 says:

too hard sell. It's nice, there is no need to sell all aspects. price is pretty decent compared with hk

SomeGuy says:

Нахуя? Лучше деньги на че-нить другое потратить.

Marco el guerio says:

song the minute 5:00 five ?
cancion del minuto 5:00 ?

Ma Sato says:

The couple doesn't even show their home to us.

Yael Sanchez says:

Living in the calm suburbs in Illinois is a lot better than living in the City of Greed and Envy.

Mark Masters says:

Dude, U could get a much hotter chick to bang u for less. She must really love you. Or she must not mind that u bang hotter chicks and come back home to her.

peace4harmony says:

Can we call it the artificial city? This is kind a like Las Vegas, or a different version of Disney land.

Chareles Dickens says:

Most iconic building built by slaves since every American building pre dating the 1860s

islandbee says:

It looks like a really neat building, but I don't think I would like to live in a place like that because it would make me feel too much like I'm at work. To me, I'm all about having the skyline view from a distance away where you can see all the buildings at night. However, when I look at the images of Dubai I'm not so sure if its in my top 10 for skylines even though it has the tallest building. Plus Dubai comes off as being too pretentious and artificial, which probably explains why I'm not too keen over their skyline. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has lived or lives there. I could be wrong.


Holy shit, all that money spent – we all know it was expensive – but somehow it seems superficial and lacks any class..

Kellen Lementino says:

What was the first song played???

1tigerblood says:

hounder tousend or millions never mind you can have 1 Apartment on the Burj Khalifa
like Visit Dub ai again very beautyful for make holiday there

Michael Gmaj says:

Who would like to live in such a horrible, artificial city, In an artificial tower, oh great shopping, can you do anything else than bad English and shopping without end??? Disgusting people, hopefully a sandstorm just crashes this city sometime.

x5ite says:

make her some babies, man!! I'd definitely would!

Shanghai knight says:

When oil runs out , what will happen to this countries?

Shanghai knight says:

What about the slaves , poor people?

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