Light Up 2018 – Downtown Dubai

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This year’s #MyDubaiNewYear is nothing like you’ve seen before! Get ready for a groundbreaking show as we #LightUp2018 in Downtown Dubai!

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Gowtham Raghavan says:

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Corny's_Gaming {CornybloxerGamer} says:

I know it wasn't the best of dubai, but just understand the fact that fireworks cause pollution, and it's more expensive to make both lights and fireworks together, and it's also more of a risk cause it almost caused a life last time.

Isaiah Masangkay says:

I love the music. does anyone know the title?

Ankush K Garg says:

Most awaited moment.

Ahmad Al-Ali says:

There will be fireworks or not

Bhakti Khilnani says:

Disheartened to know there will be no fireworks 🙁 🙁

Aashay Rane says:

We love you ! I'll be there

Tsharks _T says:


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