Let’s Play Matchplay | Dubai Creek GC | Part 1

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Steve Buzza takes on Max Burrow in a 18 hole matchplay challenge around the brilliant Dubai Creek Golf Club

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Gino L says:

Those hole layouts with the yardage were cool.

James Howarth says:

Cracking video and i enjoyed seeing the scorecard pic of the hole on the tee! But the real star of the show for me was that buzz man beard!

Arjan Konings says:

Get a better camera Steve, should we donate?

Nibbs Family says:

Great Coarse vlog, love the snapshot from the coarse guide and the camera zoomed on the green.
A Pom in 40 deg heat does worry me. I will be keeping an eye on your armpits as the round goes on

Joey L says:

Love the hole layout at the start of each hole. Keep up the great work.

Heaton Creative Photography says:

Wow Steve check you out in Dubai! Loving the video's mate

Mark Hallett says:

You need some sponsors Buzza. ANY clothing supplier! And Gillette!

Scott Smith says:

Buzzman, I like your change in approach with your putter #misslong 

superstar10155 says:

Another great vlog buzzman really don't want to sound cheeky or owt BUT maybe a ,ahem, diet in order? Those moobs man

superstar10155 says:

Another great vlog buzzman really don't want to sound cheeky or owt BUT maybe a ,ahem, diet in order? Those moobs man

Birdie Dave says:

Will you post more dubai stuff buzza?

Cycling Newbie says:

Great video steve,your mate sounds like Jenson Button

Patrick Kelly says:

Every time buzza misses a putt a hear the "ohhh" noise from crossfield videos

Charlie Omahony says:

Played at Dubai creek last week great course but very hard keep the videos coming!

Buzza Golf says:

colour should be better now

Matthew Collins says:

How do they keep the course so green in that heat?

straight True says:

Good idea with the course planner coming up on each Tee. Vid looked like something out of a Dali painting. Very surreal with the surrounding buildings in what looked like filtered camerawork. Nice steady golf though and good to watch. Very different course and weather for most of us. You look very relaxed Steve.

don blem says:

Apart from the crazy colour, it was nice to see a course in Dubai. I liked the shot saver overlay before each hole. Keep them coming 🙂

Ian H says:

needs a bit of colour correction doing, a bit more sun there than in the uk 😉

John Clausen says:

Didn't realize Dubai was underwater haha

The Todd says:

Looks kinda blue o.O

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