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Kite Beach Dubai Updated for 2024

Updated: June 11, 2024

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Kite Beach Dubai | Dubai Vlogger

In this video I will show how we spent our weekend on the Dubai Kite Beach . It is one of my favourite places in Dubai and it’s the best spot for kitesurfing, water sports and other beach activities. More details is below.

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Kite Beach Dubai | Dubai Vlogger *emotional*
Dubai Kite Beach – Top Tips Before You Go Kite Beach UAE
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About Kite Beach Dubai
Quick guide to Kite beach

Show off your skills Get your vollyball on at Kite Beach

I know this one! It’s a beach, with kites, right?
Precisely. Except the actual kite surfers and surfing are a little bit further down the coast these days – health and safety and all that. You can find it just off Street 5a, behind Jumeirah Beach Road in Umm Suqeim.

So what’s all the fuss about?
Kite Beach got a bit of a facelift last year. While the whole coastline between Jumeirah Open Beach and Umm Suqeim/Sunset Beach was being revamped, with the addition of new jogging and walking tracks, showers, toilets and kiosks as part of the 18km Dubai Corniche project, this particular segment got special attention. Now, as well as beach tennis, volleyball and watersports (including an inflatable course on the sea), plus soapy soccer at intervals throughout the year, there’s a small precinct of cafés and a scattering of food trucks.

Yum! What’s good?
Pretty much everything. Fresh pizza at Amor Dubai, iced coffee at Blue Beach Café, fro-yos from The Surf Shack, and our personal favourite – particularly while dressed in beachwear and already our belly in – Wanna Banana. Here, you’ll find ice-cream made out of pure, 100 percent frozen banana, with the option to add in a little cinnamon, honey or peanut butter, depending on your leanings. Admittedly you’re paying an unthinkable premium for what actually is, essentially, a single banana – but unless you’re planning on bringing a freezer and a food processor to the beach, pipe down.

Sounds rad, dude. Can I bike down?
Feel free to cycle along the bike path that runs the length of Jumeirah Beach Road, starting just after the Jumeirah Beach Hotel (there are Byky hire stations if you don’t have your own two wheels), but you’ll have to chain it up before you get to Kite Beach. No bikes or skates are allowed on the Corniche, sadly. If you want to cycle, head further up to Jumeirah Open Beach, which has a short but pleasurable little track that winds its way up the shore.

Here in Dubai, we’re unashamed fans of all things imported, deep-fried and coated in sugar. So how could we not be in favour of the city’s first BeaverTails branch? A sweet Canadian pastry fried like a doughnut in the shape of a flatbread, topped with anything from marshmallows and Nutella to fig jam and bananas. It’s sticky, messy and the kind of tail we can get on board with eating.