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Mel Cobb says:

Do they actually walk underwater

Burnt IceCube says:

Wait what..

Last Outlaw says:

Nice but doesn't look that big

Mayette Manalang says:

hey does everyone knows Gustave the killer croc

Ej Casalta says:

Is it inside the mall? How would that fella going to regulate it's body temp without the direct sunlight? Hmm.

Joy Colandog says:

it's so small..

Jorge Rodriguez says:

if only lolong had this

Blake Master says:

This one don't even look as big as the one on the golf course

Angel Soriano says:

Let this animal free at the beach not in captivity he was living not a kind of decorations to display

C. Doug says:

anyone else hear the kookaburras?

johnizm mejarito says:

he will die soon….if that king croc was stay there longer he will not able to make more years in captivity…he should be living in his natural habitat not on a place where he was like an idiot and nothing to do…poor king croc im so sorry for you.

Christopher Duganberry says:

He's an adorable King Croc.

Sam Petikz says:

I miss that place… huh

Tito Brozzi says:

I wish the guy could just '' shut up '' ..

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