Jumeirah Dubai 2020 Beautiful views,jumeirah Residence view, jumeirah Beach Beautiful views,

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Beauty Tips With Anny says:

Full time watching

Beauty Tips With Anny says:

Good v nice

k world moderator says:

I'm afraid of height whenever I see something from height I remember dialogue of bazigar movie .. shipla Shetty said ; nhi baba mujhy height onchai se dar lgta he .

Desi Kitchen & Vlogs USA says:

lk 27
nice share

Ahmer Awan says:

Awesome view

Zarmins Channel says:

Nice Video nice view brother

K super Tips says:

wow awesome big like

Mohammad Safwan says:


Home schooling with Kinza says:

Beautiful view. ❤️

Azhar Basra says:

Ooo Waaao Nice view.
Thanks bro.


Totally Enjoyed hope k ap b mri trf Aya krn

Adnan Family Group. says:

Ohhh itni heavy oonchayi.

Adnan Family Group. says:

Masha Sllah so very beautiful sharing its big like stay connected stay safe.

SAK Official says:

Watch with add

ambers life in oman says:

Wowwwwww beautiful

Red Law says:

Thanks u mamo tayyab ma ayesha fatima bat kar rae ho ok good buy

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