Inside The Burj Al Arab (Dubai's 7 Star Hotel!) Updated for 2023

Updated: May 27, 2023

I have lived in the UAE all my life and today is the first time I am visiting Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab! The hotel was previously limited to only guests but now offer a tour of the hotel called “Inside Burj Al Arab” for everyone to discover what makes this hotel so special, this is what I saw!

Much love to @Jumeirah’s “Inside Burj Al Arab Team” for allowing us to film the experience!

For those interested in the story of Burj Al Arab’s “7 Stars” here is an interesting article!

“As the story goes, when the hotel opened back in 1999, a British travel writer who was invited to stay there was so in awe of the place that she described it in her article as a “seven-star hotel”. Over the past two decades, the glittering description has stuck.”

0:00​ Intro
00:42 Welcome Reception
01:05 World’s Tallest Atrium! (Open Air Space In Building)
01:25 Panoramic Elevator
01:42 The Royal Suite
02:38 Living Room & Majis
04:24 The Queen’s Bedroom
04:52 A Hermes Bubble Bath?!
05:16 The King’s Bedroom
05:56 Most Expensive Bathroom?!
06:31 Dining Room
06:59 Architect’s Studio
08:00 Iconic Experiences
08:30 Final Thoughts


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