Inside a $37 Million Dubai Penthouse – Dubai Marina

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This one of a kind Penthouse encompassing 3 floors is located in Dubai Marina. The penthouse is located 390 meters from the ground. Offering incredible views of the Marina, Sheik Zayed Road, and the Dubai Skyline.

The property features the following:

– 6 bedrooms all ensuite and with closets
– 3 formal and family living areas
– 3 maids quarters
– 24 seater dining room
– 9 parking bays
– 2 internal elevators
– Home theatre
– Full Office Space suite
– Full onyx bar night club
– Show kitchen
– Commercial kitchen
– 3.5-meter floor to ceiling Windows
– Panoramic views of Dubai
– Gym

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Gitoya Tyndale says:

That wh a u say when u is 50% off

Martin M says:

Too sterile dsnt feel like a home

Justice Warrior says:

The interior couldn't be more beautiful and with serenity!!

Ed Eddy says:

Not cozy, not homely.

Debi Spaulding says:

Horrible filming. Not intrested in nik naks nor artisan camera effects.

jj sc says:

Low end art piece, fake tree, boring furniture, cold, unfriendly interiors, they should hire me as design consultant.

Manuel Steer says:

No swimming pool…

Elias says:

Just the title of this video absolutely disgusts me. I'm working my ass off for nothing and literally eating canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise for a meal while some people are swimming in money.
This world is such a sick horrible place, I should just hang myself, death would be easier then life.

Justice Heart Liberty says:

Furniture needs to face home
Says: forget the world
Look :what beautiful home you
Have been blessed with
Why face furniture looking @ the world?

Anowar Hossain says:

Why do they have contained all the books of Marvel Studio???

Tsetsi says:

The mini bar is too yellow and the deck is too small!

Tsetsi says:

The cloud table overhead is hideous

AlamBarzakh99 says:

It’s all about a price tag and no life.

James Elliott says:

Hideous and not worth $37 m

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