Hydropolis Underwater Hotel @ Dubai

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Horacio Ulloa says:

only $48573937849295838395.99 a night

Simon Lucas says:


sanjay aarman says:

Amzing work

Krishna Sagar says:


evee.e.e says:

What's name of this TRACK???????????????

Maria Perez says:

COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonna go there


una obra de ingenieria y arquietctura sin igual en el mundo, felicitamos a sus constructores y diseñadores en hora buena solo queremos saber cuanto vale la noche y que incluye

Petra44YT Nein! says:

That's not a video. That's just a series of photos.

Alexo Happy says:

But I'm ok with the pool

Alexo Happy says:

I have like almost(cuz I reaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyy don't like swimming under the sea)have a phobia of going under,I'm afraid of sharks eating me even if someone's says there's none…

Jonathan Ortwein says:

Am I'm the only one who's thinking its a rip off from the place where the clones were created from jango fett from Star Wars

wung chung says:

amazing design

Patrick Morris says:

All I can say God bless those engineer who design this man made paradise

JohnFer cooremix100 says:

jaja xD 😛 wow ellos se uan de inspirar mucho en minecraft xD hahah lol

JohnFer cooremix100 says:

jaja xD 😛 wow ellos se uan de inspirar mucho en minecraft xD hahah lol

Acoustici says:

Does anyone know what the song-track is?


A bad place to find out that MEGALODONS still exist lol

32docholiday says:

would suck to have a shooting go down in there

alienjimmy101 says:

Welcome to my underwater layer.

SilverWolf04 says:

Under da sea!

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