Huge Fire at The Address Downtown Dubai Luxury Hotel timelapse

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Huge Fire at The Address Downtown Dubai Luxury Hotel Ahead of New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display timelapse

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Firefighters battled a blaze that engulfed a luxury hotel in Dubai Thursday night while a spectacular New Year’s fireworks display lit up the night sky nearby.

Orange tentacles of flames engulfed a large section of the high-rise Address Downtown Dubai hotel soon after the fire started around 9:30 p.m. (12:30 p.m. ET). Witnesses said they heard explosions as the fire raged.

Hours later, dark plumes of smoke billowed from the building as the fire still appeared to be searing several stories.

It’s not yet clear what caused the fire or how many people were injured. According to tweets from the Dubai government’s media office, the fire is on the outside of the building and hasn’t spread inside, and at least four squadrons of firefighters are trying to contain the blaze.

But the hotel and apartment complex has one of the best views of Dubai’s New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, and partygoers were forced to evacuate as the flames engulfed the building.

Новогодний пожар в Дубае: как горел роскошный отель-небоскреб “Адрес”

Пожар в гостинице-небоскребе в канун Нового года охватил сразу десятки этажей. В результате происшествия легко пострадали 14 человек, один человек погиб из-за сердечного приступа.

Причина пожара в пятизвездочном дубайском отеле-небоскребе ِِAddress Downtown Hotel пока остается неизвестной, сообщила в пятницу журналистам руководитель пресс-офиса правительства Дубая Мона аль-Мури.
Пожар в гостинице, которая расположена вблизи знаменитой башни Бурж Аль Халифа — традиционном месте новогодних празднеств в Дубае, начался за пару часов до наступления Нового года на 20-м этаже, но из-за сильного ветра быстро распространился и на другие этажи 63-этажного небоскреба.
Сотрудникам сил безопасности удалось эвакуировать всех постояльцев отеля и жителей нескольких соседних зданий. Во время пожара легко пострадали 14 человек, еще один человек скончался из-за сердечного приступа в давке во время эвакуации.

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harsh bansal says:

Beautiful even when it is burning

Muhammad Jalil says:

Wow I felt sorry for the losses but where is fire fighters, they should have used helicopter instead to extinguish the fire

Taran Navy says:

How come this far building didn't fall but the Twin Towers did

Mohammed Kings says:

You are doing sounds alluimium foil

Cyber Hunter X says:

Right after a month from getting out to another city this feo

Saleh Namani says:

They dont have a helicopter to pull out the fire with all dam fancy tall building, what a waste. Give me the hose, a water pump and a helicopter with a pilot, I can do it all on my own.

Around the world says:

Is this camera better or iPhone x camera

Maylay OhDay says:

OMG the fire is sooo big

JimmyJonJillakers says:

Dubai was lit

Fox Gamer says:

I know its late to comment but.. Good thing it was not Burj Khalifa! Or else all the workers from burj khalifa did a hard time☹️

Ande Mwalwanda says:

THATS SOOOOO SAD!! did anyone die?

AdamZS says:

if you look closely at the buttom of the building on fire, you could see another building catch on fire

Beleaguered Castle says:

This is an Omen for the UAE.

sunnyoishi says:

i was plotting on going there oh noes

Mohammad Hasheshe says:


Sameer 13 says:

Teri maa ki chut m aag lagi h

Swagy Kid says:


Mohammed 03314311748 says:

qeyamat ki nishani

Tinchi says:

M e : F u c k. T h i s. S h i t. I ' m. O u t.

K S says:

Oh no…did anyone get hurt? When did this happen? How?

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