Hotel Room Tour | Dubai 2019

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Hotel Room Tour | Dubai 2019

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Ciara B says:

Shaa. I nak tahu apa camera Kak Lofa guna ? :/ been looking for it

Nanthini 21 says:

The prettiest girl in the world❤️

luna hans says:

i wish i can know about camera that ur sister using .

Lina Morgana says:

What camera you use for vlogging

shukri aminn says:

Kak lofa ordered the whole —

sofia saidi says:

I wish lofa do her reality show I love her she's so inspiring .

sofia saidi says:

Oh wowwwww ! How did you look so stunning with that make up off ugh !

αиαѕ gαмιиg says:

Ewww what are you talking about

intan hairanaz says:

I'm pretty sure that soon or later Athisha will wear a hijab. I hope she will cover her aurat perfectly. Let's pray good for her. Happy 2020!

Nurfarahin Kamarudin says:

The way neelofa said discreet ke ape ntah soo the way ameera said 'i kapal'..btw so long not see ameera

nawwaf zul says:

Sambungan athisha part 2 dubai

izzatul atikah says:

sha nak video make up & skicare routine lagi please! 🙁

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