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Hidden Place In Dubai🇦🇪2024 | Flamingo Hide | Wildlife Sanctuary | Dubai Touist Place | Free Entry

Just metres away from the bustling city of Dubai, you’ll find stunning birds in the wetlands of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Known as the ‘Cape of the Creek,’ Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 6.2sqkm and features a variety of salt flats, intertidal mudflats, mangroves, and lagoons that birds use for their nests and individual habitats.

Ras al Khor Wildife Sanctuary is one of the few urban protected areas in the arid zone. It is a wetland of global importance under the Ramsar Convention and recognised as an Important Bird Area by Bird Life International.

🌸Entrance is Free of cost.

Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs that live in the coastal intertidal zone.
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There are about 80 different species of mangrove trees. All of these trees grow in areas with low-oxygen soil, where slow-moving waters allow fine sediments to accumulate. Mangrove forests only grow at tropical and subtropical latitudes near the equator because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures.

Many mangrove forests can be recognized by their dense tangle of prop roots that make the trees appear to be standing on stilts above the water. This tangle of roots allows the trees to handle the daily rise and fall of tides, which means that most mangroves get flooded at least twice per day. The roots also slow the movement of tidal waters, causing sediments to settle out of the water and build up the muddy bottom.

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