Gold Souk Spice Souk Old Dubai | The most Tourist thing to buy! | Vlog 234

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A little weekend day trip to Gold Souk in Dubai, we also visit the Spice Souk in this vlog. Check out the most touristy thing you can buy! A sand camel 🐪🐪

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vs Narayanan says:

Your friend stays in dubai, can i have her instagram id

Jesse Szweda says:

Food always good

Bonafide Hustler says:

Colored sand=cheddar. For them. Not you lol

cool hand souk says:

Old Dubai! I enjoyed that immensely. Thanks!

Bobthewrong'un says:

That's more my type of experience. Shame the locals were trying to hustle you. I love Naan bread. We used to go to an Indian restaurant where they did a 'party' Naan. It was so big one of my mates tore the middle out and wore it like a poncho!

masterchief88 says:

Oh man that food looks great! #notificationsquad #freeloadnation Cool to see Rachel in the videos!

WheelinAndDealinWithWheely5 says:

Cool video! I love the videos where people walk around showing their exotic travels because I know I will never go there. That sand art is cool! I like the one you two got with the love camels. Too cute. Thanks for sharing your adventures for those of us who mostly only dream of doing such things.

Luis Reyna says:

Watch your Over the Top shades when getting harassed.

David Cracraft says:

Nice tourism video/vlog. I know I'll never ever go to Dubai, so I have to live vicariously through people like you. I known a few people who have moved/went their on church related mission trips. Their pictures and videos or more related to behind the scenes of Dubai, not all the cool nice stuff.;)

Steve Friesch says:

What do they harass you with?

fireseid1 says:

Exploring Old Dubai would be epic.

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