GLOBAL VILLAGE DUBAI 2017-2018 | Food Tour Updated for 2022

Updated: November 12, 2022

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In this video, Myself, Ivan Cosmin and my wife, Nicolle (The Food Seekers) we are going to Global Village, the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment place.
We found out that there are about 3,500 outlets, hundreds of boutique shops, 120 food and beverage kiosks, 23 restaurants and cafes, featuring cuisines from the Far East to the Middle East, Asia to Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
We reached there at 4 pm when the gates are opening and we spent few hours full of delicious and tasty food that made us fell like we have traveled to different countries.

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Here are the addresses of the food locations we tried in Global Village:
1) Pizza – Moulouk Al Flafil Kiosk
2) Wheel Pasta – Italian Wheel Pasta Kiosk
3) Tunisian Sandwich – Tunisian Sandwich Kiosk
4) Steak with Raclette – #700 Steak Kiosk
5) Regag – Emirati Cuisine
6) Bosnian Kebab – Bosnian House
7) Luqaimat – Emirati Cuisine

About The Food Seekers

My name is Ivan Cosmin and together with my wife Nicolle we decided to share our love for good and tasty food while we are hanging around Dubai.
Dubai is a food lover’s paradise so we consider ourselves lucky because we currently living in Dubai.
We are planning to seek for new places where to eat the best food not only in Dubai but in the world.
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