Enrico Macias Live at Dubai Opera 2021 Updated for 2022

Updated: November 3, 2022

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In an eagerly anticipated concert, Enrico Macias was welcomed to the stage with unparalleled loud applauds, claps, and cheers from his fans. We have never witnessed such a warm greeting from an audience before. He performed a variety of songs that highlight 50 years of his musical brilliance. Enrico was extremely thrilled by the passionate interaction of his fans, and he made one of the best performances along with his orchestra.

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Despite the prevailing challenges at the period of COVID-19 outbreak, we held the most superb concert that every attendant will always remember. Our concert was attended by more than 1600 fans, recording the highest attendance rate since the outbreak of the coronavirus. We maximized our efforts to hold a successful and safe concert, by following the social distancing guidelines issued by Dubai Health Authority.
Moreover, the concert was extended to an extra night due to the high demand on tickets booking and because as was excited to meet every fan in UAE. The fans of Enrico Macias were so pleased and delighted, causing Enrico to conclude the concert three times as they couldn’t get enough of his songs. Every time he had intended to leave the stage, the audience would cheer for one more song. Finally, Enrico marked the end of the concert by singing with no music nor a microphone for the first time ever. These songs that were delivered to fans only through the pure voice of Enrico were heartwarming.

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We never experienced such warm and sincere emotions in a concert like we did in Enrico Macias concert at Dubai Opera.

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