Emirates Cabin Crew at Dubai Mall | Emirates Official Store & A380 Experience

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Emirates cabin crew at the Dubai Mall promoting the Emirates Official Store and the Emirates A380 Experience in The Village.
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Hank65 65 says:

i just saw them downtown Seattle today leaving their hotel and was mesmerized! wow!! so beautiful!! 😀

Dreamgirl Alice says:

How we can apply for this airways

aisha naqvi says:

I like these planes on the handle of the suitcase

Marcelo Aragão Martins says:

Vcs sabiam Emirates que eu passei a minha vida inteira procurando minha licença de vôo???

Liau Chung Ren says:

It's time they remove that VERY obstructive ( and stupid looking ) scarf-like object draping down from their hats. Non-muslim stewardesses are being forced to wear religious fanatics' racial-identity attire and it's not something pleasant to watch. No wonder Islam-Arabic world never connect with the World and Globally shared common values.

barricade decepticon says:

Wow nice I love Emirates airline

pelos 26 says:

i cant belive what all of us are missing out on so many beautiful places to travel to and wonderful people to meet i guess some of us are just lucky

Andres Hernandez says:

Nothing like EMIRATES, great looking attendants, well trained, make it affordable for all please, and offer some specials at times, thanks. Some people don't have too much money. !~!

samarth jain says:

Guys be careful middle eastern airlines will weigh the cabin luggage at boarding gates. Especially during in transit. Also quality of blankets etc reduced for the flight towards Indian subcontinent. I boarded emirates at Duesseldorf there was no check Duesseldorf Airport but at Dubai Airport they put weighing machines at boarding gateand they were not charging they penalising customers

Таня Рясина says:

Собственное производство летающих тарелок и элексира вечной молодости, НИOKР, без шуток http://hi-tech-kushelev-group.nethouse.ru/

Emirateskicker1213 H says:

See you someday to New York to dubai

Sharif Sharif says:

Everyone looks so happy

Aishath Shara says:

Emirates girl Dubai Airport Girl Cops Aan Nane Girl Maraalan No Yes Varhi Happen Emirates Girl Happy Bart Day Doyo Emirates I Daddy I'me Mom No Baby Micorosft Flight Simulator Emirates ok Girl Cops I'me Emirates Girl

Emirateskicker1213 H says:

U gave me food!

Breakeven Bernie says:


Paulus MANKER says:

i´ve never seen a male cabin crew member at emirates, mabe bec. they kill all homosexuals

ranaabid shahjamal says:

I love you Emirates

Newark Jungle-chop. says:

Can't hit on any of these women …over there you will loose your skull if they are married. We should have the same laws without religion.

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